*Can I list a direct link to a giveaway or my participation in a meme?
No. Link Rink is a place to list link-ups/linkies/memes/link parties, not individual links that you want to link-up. So if you participate in a blog hop each week, you may not link your blog to our list of hops. If you host a blog hop that has a linky, then you can link up at Link Rink.

*What image do you want me to use when I submit?
Link Rink uses InLinkz Thumbnail Link-Ups which will give you a choice of picking an image from your blog, direct image URL linking, or picking an image from your computer. You may use a button/graphic specific to the meme or just your blog button. Blinkies (gif) will not work and a default linky image will show instead.

*How do I submit a link?
See this tutorial for instructions.

*What if I mess up my submission?
Click the little red x next to your submission to delete it and resubmit!

*Can I link a giveaway that I do each Tuesday?
No. Only Linkies/Link-Ups and Memes (that take links) may be submitted to Link Rink.

*What is a blog hop and how does it differ from other categories?
The purpose of a pure blog hop is for the participants to visit each other's sites and connect. Pure blog hops don't worry about sharing things like a recipe or giveaway. Technically all memes/linkies are a blog hop, but the category of blog hops here at Link Rink is to get hits/visitors/followers.

*If my meme/linky starts on Wednesday and goes until Sunday can I link that meme up on Thursday through Sunday?
No. Please only submit a link under the day it begins.

*If my meme fits more than one category (such as people can submit recipes or a craft or something else creative) can I link it in all categories that apply?
No. Please link it to the one category that best represents your linky/meme. Link Rink monitors all submissions and will remove duplicates.

*What if my linky/meme doesn't fit any of the categories shown?
Contact me and I'll create a new category.

*What sort of memes/linkys fit under the Specialty category?
This category is intended for one of a kind memes that do not repeat.

*How do I get people to visit my linky/meme?
Suggestions on how to host a successful blog meme can be found here.

updated: 1/4/12
Link Rink reserves the right to remove or move links.
Tutorial on how to link-up here.
Tutorial on how to create a successful blog meme here.
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